Tornar-se um Homem na Idade Média

Tornar-se um Homem na Idade Média

22 min

Director: Pedro Neves Marques

Actors: Isabel Costa

Genres: movie

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Movie plot

Mirene and André are a heterosexual couple struggling with infertility issues. Carl and Vicente are a homosexual couple undergoing an experimental procedure in order to have a biological child. The film’s classic cinematography contrasts with a science-fictionalised narrative, to deliver an utterly refreshing exploration of gender, reproduction, normativity, and the n.. Review: Tornare – Cineur, Tornar-se Monstra ou Humana? (2021) Stream and Watch Onl, ‎Tornare (2020) directed by Cristina Comencini – Letterb, Becoming Male in the Middle Ages – Movie | Movief,

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