The Next Step – Season 7

The Next Step – Season 7

30 min

Now showing: Episode 24

Latest episode: 242322

Country: United States

Director: Derby CreweFrank Van KeekenMitchell NessSamir Rehem

Actors: Alexandra BeatonBrittany RaymondIsaac LupienTrevor TordjmanVictoria Baldesarra

Genres: Drama, Family, Romance

3.02/ 5 6 votes
Movie plot

In the new season, Richelle and Kinsey are discovering a startling discovery that may change the course of everything as it revolves around the fate of Miss Angela after she has been subjected to her absolute dance. With the passage of time, it appears that the tests for the alternative position have a different path and may be more competitive than ever. A new group of talented dancers will enter the competition immediately.

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