Star vs. the Forces of Evil – Season 3

Star vs. the Forces of Evil – Season 3

23 min

Now showing: Episode 38

Latest episode: 383735

Country: United States

Director: Daron NefcyDavid WassonJordana Arkin

Actors: Adam McArthurEden SherGrey DeLisle

Genres: Adventure, Animation, Comedy

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Movie plot

In season 3, Star and Marco using his scissor to visit Mewni's along side they travel throw portals and finding Tom, Kelly, Rhombulus dimension and getting really close to were Ecplisa is being held and imprisoned. We get a Group shot of Janna, Kelly, Tom Star And Marco also Marco and Star Finally confront Toffee who is still controlling Ludo in the final shot were star shoots the screen with the broken wand.

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