Shameless – Season 3

Shameless – Season 3

44 min

Now showing: Episode 12

Latest episode: 121110

Director: Paul Abbott John Wells

Actors: Emmy Rossum

Genres: Comedy, Family, Sitcom

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Movie plot

It’s Easter. Jimmy has moved into the house and has become something of a househusband – too bad he is still married to the drug lords daughter.  He has more shocks in store when he discovers that his father is secretly gay and in a relationship with Ian. Kev and Veronica have a lot on their plate when Kevs wife Cheryl arrives. But there is more heartache for the couple when they discover Veronica is infertile and are forced to take an alternate route to parenthood. Everything seems status quo. When it comes to family drama, the Gallaghers don’t set the bar…they raze it.  

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