Naruto Shippuden – Season 15

Naruto Shippuden – Season 15

23 min

Now showing: Episode 28

Latest episode: 282726

Country: Japan

Director: Date Hayato

Actors: Nakamura ChieSugiyama NoriakiTakeuchi Junko

Genres: Comedy

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Movie plot

White Zetsu’s ability to mimic people’s appearances has wrought confusion and distrust within the Allied Shinobi Forces. Naruto arrives to assist, and using his sensory powers, he identifies all the disguised White Zetsu clones, changing the tide of the battle. Naruto sh. – Home | Faceb, Naruto vs Sasuke Epic Final Fight Stop-Motion – YouT, Gogoanime | Watch anime online, English anime online, Naruto – Wikipe, VIZ | The Official Website for Naruto Shippu, Unboxing, Action Figure NARUTO UZUMAKI, LDIGAMES – N i l l , Naruto Uzumaki | Narutopedia | Fan, VIZ | Watch Naruto Shippuden Episode 418 for F, The Last: Naruto the Movie | Narutopedia | Fan,

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