Dinosaurs – Season 4

Dinosaurs – Season 4

30 min

Now showing: Episode 14

Latest episode: 141312

Director: Michael Jacobs Bob Young

Actors: Stuart Pankin

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Family

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Movie plot

Baby turns two, and into a total terror. Daddy Earl confronts his “diaperphobia.” Charlene’s theory that the world is round lands her in scholastic hot water. Robbie deals with overwhelming pubescent urges, and in the final controversial episode, the family’s jumpin’ Jurrassic lifestyle gets the big chill. List of films featuring dinosaurs – Wikipe, Dinosaur (2000) – I, MARCH OF THE DINOSAURS | FULL MOVIE | EN – YouT, LAND OF DINOSAURS | FULL MOVIE | EN – YouT, Best of Dinosaur Movies – I, Best Dinosaur Movies | List of Top Films with Dinosa, Dinosaur (film) – Wikipe, 50 Dinosaur Movies – List Challen, The Top 25 Dinosaur Movies | ScreenR, Dinosaur | Disney Mov,

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