A Thousand Kisses

A Thousand Kisses

60 min

Now showing: Episode 50

Latest episode: 504948

Country: Korea

Actors: Ji Hyun-WooRyu Jin KimSeo Young-HeeSo-Eun

Genres: Family

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Movie plot

Woo Joo-young (Seo Young-hee) is the eldest daughter in the family and have come through hardships in life thanks to her bright and caring personality. Her husband Tae-kyung has an affair which ends in their divorce. One day, Joo-young takes her son Chan-noh to a soccer game and meets Jang Woo-bin (Ji Hyun-woo), a former national soccer player who’s now a sports agent. Chan-noh warms to Woo-bin and this leads to a close friendship between Joo-young and Woo-bin. Woo-bin romances the divorced single mom, but their differences in age, social status and life experience create obstacles to their relationship.

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