A Familiar Stranger – Season 1

A Familiar Stranger – Season 1

12 min

Now showing: Episode 18

Latest episode: 181716

Country: China

Actors: Qin Fu AnRyan ChengYan ZhouYing KeZexuan Wang

Genres: movie

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Movie plot

Shi Qi is a talented and good-natured artist who, during one of her painting assignments, learns of an affair between the chancellor’s cruel and exploitative daughter, Shen Qin, and King Ning. Shen Qin, however, is engaged to marry the powerful general Xiao Han Sheng. But when Shi Qi accidentally witnesses deadly and nefarious goings-on at the court, she finds herself drawn into trouble. Shen Qin devises a way to enlist a magician to swap her face with that of Shi Qi – so that she and the painter can “switch” identities.

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